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About Parity Solutions

Transforming data into knowledge

Parity Computing provides complete solutions for deriving new value and actionable knowledge from unstructured data sources. Parity's software and services enable publishers and research-intensive organizations to build and mine massive data networks of concepts, people, institutions, documents and other entities. This allows end-users to conduct research at a higher level, realizing gains in efficiency and effectiveness.

Parity Solutions

Parity has delivered industry-leading systems that include entity disambiguation and profiling, automated XML tagging and linking in semi-structured content, recommendation engines for publishing venues, and clinical NLP and analytics. In each case, Parity's system leads the industry in accuracy and also far surpasses the results achieved by comparable efforts in academia.

Parity works closely with its clients, providing full support and services to ensure success of the Parity solutions.

STM Publishing:
A pipeline of modules for automatically tagging, linking, profiling, and analyzing entities in massive corpora of STM content.

High-accuracy analytics and recommendation systems for researchers across all science and engineering domains.

Literature-based hypothesis discovery to predict the outcome of future biomedical research.

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