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  Parity's Profiler System assembles and analyzes detailed profiles of key entities such as people, institutions, and products, from disparate unstructured documents and semi-structured data sources.

Profile assembly is driven by client-specific data needs specifying the key entities to be profiled, important attributes to collect, and types of relationships between the entities to infer. The key entities are extracted and assembled into distinct profiles using advanced machine learning heuristics. This includes normalization of spelling variations together with disambiguation of similarly-named entities (e.g. two people with the same name).

The Profiler System discovers relationships between entities, such as affiliations, citations between documents, and business relationships. The result is an accurate and comprehensive profile for each distinct entity with detailed relationships to other entities, and links back to the source databases and documents.

This enables automated analysis of the profiles and detailed matching to desired criteria, going beyond keyword-spotting techniques of standard search engines.


  • Automated solution: Profile assembly is a fully automated process.
  • High accuracy: Assembled profiles have very high precision in matching and disambiguating between same name entities.
  • Client specific models: Profiles are constructed to fill out client's knowledge needs. The data models capture the key entities of importance, which may include documents, people, companies and other institutions, products, and other application-specific entities.
  • Multiple data sources: The Profiler System builds profiles from disparate unstructured text documents, semi-structured data with textual fields, and OCR documents. Profile data can be extracted from databases and documents from inside the organization, but can also be combined with profiles built from external sources including web-based data, news articles, and outside reports.
  • Network of links and relationships: The Profiler System derives links and relationships between profiled entities. The links can be both explicit, where there is an explicit relationship between the two profiles or implicit, where the profile relationship is derived from domain specific heuristics.
  • Advanced search and navigation: The Profiling System provides APIs to enable domain-specific retrieval of profiles and navigation of the knowledge network. This includes specialized search engines to index and retrieve profile entities as well as customizable navigation of profile relationships.

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