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Select Client Quotes

"Parity and the IEEE Communications Society have collaborated on a unique and on-going value proposition: Expert search for non-experts! We are contributing an editorial committee of area experts; Parity Computing is contributing their innovation and creativity. The Parity Digital Library Platform and the CommOntology provide researchers with the tools they need to navigate to an extent not possible with other systems. Beyond search, Parity's software constructs profiles of the key elements of interest, such as the IP, the people, patent citations, and other topics, integrating them into a coherent user experience. Our relationship with Parity over the years has kept us competitive and exceeded our expectations."

IEEE Communications Society John M. Howell
Executive Director
IEEE Communications Society

"It has been a pleasure to work with a company like Parity on the Reference Extraction and Matching Project for the new ACM Portal and Digital Library. Receiving such pristine data files from them delivered according to exact specifications and adhering to rigorous XML standards, allowed flawless loading of their deliverables into our own bibliographic database on every first attempt. This has been unique in my experience dealing with complex bibliographic metadata exchanges. Parity was not fazed by the messiness and inconsistency so characteristic of references amassed over time from different sources. They have a deep domain knowledge of the vagaries in bibliographic citations and of the further inaccuracies introduced by extracting this data from scanned files. They have incorporated this knowledge in the heuristic logic of their proprietary reference matching algorithms. They demonstrated excellent technical handling of exception cases, as well as an adept and flexible project management approach to the unexpected. I look forward with relish to future bibliographic reference and citation hyperlinking projects with Parity."

Association for Computing Machinery Bernard Rous
Electronic Publishing Program Director and Portal Manager
Association for Computing Machinery

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